You’ll Instantly Fall In Love With These Restaurants

I guess you could say I’m kind of a foodie… I love trying new places and new foods! Especially places that aren’t part of a food chain and are hidden gems.

These are 4 of my fave places to eat at and the food is… INCREDIBLE. I promise!


  1. Ben & Florentine’s

This is hands down my favourite breakfast place! They just opened up a location near my old high school a few years ago and I’m obsessed! I always order their Eggs Florentine on a bagel (the only breakfast place I’ve been to that offers this) and it’s SO yummy! The prices are reasonable and overall it has such a great vibe and it’s the perfect place to spend your weekend! Get there early though, it fills up quickly!


2. Firehall

The Firehall is the one restaurant every one knows about in Oakville, especially on Tuesday’s for their 2 for 1 wing nights. They’re the best wings you’ll ever eat! The other items on their menu are really good too, but one of my favourite’s is Aboo’s Curry. It’s the best curry I’ve ever had!


3. Woody’s

I can not obsess about this place anymore than I already do! They have the best burgers there! No other place can compare! I always get the California burger with sweet potato fries. It’s the perfect place to have lunch or dinner and the location has a small intimate feel. I HIGHLY recommend you check this place out!


4. Beertown

I went to Beertown for the first time with my boyfriend and I loved it! The first thing I fell in love with was their decor. They have an outdoor patio with lights hanging, ping pong tables, and giant Jenga. I tried their Yucatan Bowl and it was really good! This restaurant is the perfect place to go to on a Friday or Saturday night and just chill.


I hope you get a chance to try all of these places! Your taste buds will thank you.


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