Restaurant Review: Scaddabush

I absolutely love Italian food and this restaurant was everything I had hoped for!

The first time I went to Scaddabush was when I turned 23 last year. I was looking up Italian restaurants on Google and that’s when I saw this restaurant. I’m so glad I found it because the food their is SO good!




I went there again on Halloween for my two year anniversary with my boyfriend and the food was just as good a year later. I’ve tried their Sophia Pizza, Fresh Mozzarella Appetizer, and the Spinach & Artichoke Dip. I also had their Pesto Pollo Fettuccine and that was by far my favourite meal! It was so delicious and I’ve never had anything like it before! I highly recommend it!


The restaurant’s decor is so nice and the space is so well put together. It kind of gives you a bit of a rustic feel because they use barn doors to separate some of the rooms (I loved that). The bathroom stalls have wooden doors that go from the ceiling right down to the floors and I thought it was great how even the bathroom felt cozy and welcoming.


I’ve been to the Mississauga and Vaughan locations, but they have a lot more convenient locations already open and opening soon. Everyone should eat at Scaddabush because you can easily find a dish that everyone will love!





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