My Top 2 Lipstick Choices

Ever since I finished high school and started college, I became OBSESSED with lipstick. Lipstick became my go-to makeup essential and these two brands and colours are my favourite.

  1. My ABSOLUTE favourite lipstick is definitely “Plum Velour” by Revlon.




The colour is so pretty and my lips feel super soft and moisturized all day! I do have to re-apply it after I eat or drink (depending on the type of food or if I don’t use a straw), but the colour doesn’t completely come off. I take it with me everywhere and It’s just the perfect amount of colour that will go well with anything you wear.

You can buy this lipstick pretty much anywhere (I buy mine at Shoppers Drug Mart) and it’s only $10.00.


2. This lipstick comes to a close second, but it could honestly be my number one favourite as well… “Rebel” by MAC Cosmetics.




This lipstick honestly lasts ALL DAY. I’ve eaten with it on, had something to drink, and the colour stays just as bold as it was when I first put it on. It does however show the creases of your lips, especially if you have chapped lips, and makes it quite noticeable. But while it’s on it still makes your lips feel smooth and soft.

You can buy this gem online or in store for $21.00 at MAC Cosmetics.




I hope you enjoy these two lipsticks as much as I do! I can’t go a week without them.








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