Ready, Set, Breathe…

Days like today make you stop and not think about what has been stressing you out lately.


I woke up to my mother getting ready for work this morning, which led me to my front porch to close the door after she left. Once she drove away I just sat there… But for once I wasn’t thinking about a million things. I was actually enjoying the cool crisp air and I was happy.

I wasn’t thinking about my job that I’ve been at for almost 4 months. I wasn’t thinking about how I’m going to take my next step towards my career or how much money I need to save up. I was just sitting there without a care in the world. It was nice.

I think we all get so caught up thinking about the future and just forget about the present. When I was in high school all I would think about was being done university, having a perfect career, having kids, and buying a house. Well I’ve finished college and that is already such a huge accomplishment!

Yes, I would still like to have the perfect career that I’m in love with, but for now I’m pretty lucky. Finding any job in the media industry can be pretty challenging and the fact that I’m in the industry straight out of school is amazing.

I have a hard time not stressing about my career and future, but this morning I had a break. I realized that I won’t be able to figure out my whole life in a day and it will take time. I just have to keep my head up, keep working hard, and always network along the way. You never know who could be watching you or who will be the next person to give you that next chance to advance your career.

From one graduate to another, from one confused individual in her 20’s to another… It will all work out.

But in the mean time, don’t forget to breathe.

– SR





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