Today Felt Amazing… I Was Reminded Of My Favourite Season.

Everyone has a favourite time of year and a favourite season. My favourite season is Fall. 

I love feeling that cool crisp air in the morning and hearing the leaves crunching under my feet. While I was waiting for the bus today, I felt that familiar breeze again. It brought me back to a happy place and it made me miss Fall.

Yes, I might have been a bit cold because I was wearing a dress and flip flops, but I didn’t mind at all! I’m so happy that Summer is almost over (it’s just too hot) and I can’t wait to wear my sweaters again. Fall makes you feel cozy and warm, which is always a good feeling. We get to bundle up and wear really cute clothing, while drinking our Hot Chocolate or Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

I think it’s the best time of the year! Yes, I know that Winter is right after Fall, but Canadians are tough and we can handle the very cold temperature. Fall is just so beautiful and I wish it was always Fall. The leaves are so pretty to look at when they’re changing colours and there are so many fun things to do outside. Even though I’m an adult, I’m sure I’m not the only young adult that still enjoys jumping in the leaves… Don’t lie.

We all love going apple picking and picking out the perfect pumpkin to carve for Halloween. I might not be able to Trick or Treat anymore, but seeing little kids dress up and get so excited for free candy (who doesn’t?) is so cute! Going for walks through the leaves and having pumpkin/apple pie with ice-cream is something that I wish I could do everyday! Fall has so much to offer and the fact that it’s just around the corner makes me ecstatic! I’ve already started wearing boots that I bought a few weeks ago… Can you tell I’m excited? Some people might also call me seasonally confused… Oh well.

– SR

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