Such An Amazing Organization… ADOPT DON’T SHOP.

I got the pleasure of meeting these two adorable puppies this July and it was such a great experience!

The little white dog is Nimbus and the black puppy is Sage. Both puppies come from opposite sides of the world and they were both looking for their forever homes! Nimbus actually came from Cancun, Mexico and Sage came from Egypt!

I woke up bright and early on July 5th to meet these cuties at Pawsway in Toronto. Save Our Scruff is an organization that saves dogs like these two and brings them to Toronto to be fostered and eventually get adopted. I was first introduced to Save Our Scruff by Blake Carter, my amazing boss and the very talented co-host of the Blake & Wylde show on KiSS 92.5. She absolutely loves dogs and animals and she is very passionate about helping these rescue dogs find a home. Having a pet is a big responsibility, but once you find the right dog, you might just find that missing puzzle piece in your life.

I would love to own a dog one day, especially if it was a Golden Retriever or a Lab. I’m still a student and I still have to start my career first, but once I’m settled in I think having a dog will be a good thing for me. I would love to have more than one dog, but I’ll try not to get ahead of myself and I’ll find out how well I do with one first…

If you’re interested in adopting/fostering a dog, go to or visit their Facebook page.

It’s not too late to make a difference and help a dog find its furrever home!

– SR

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