OMG, The Food Here Was DELICIOUS!

I have found my true love… Well for food that is. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants to have great food and a fun time! 

Oh my goodness… I have a few favourite restaurants, but NONE of them are this amazing! A few weeks ago, back in June, my family and I went on a road trip and our first stop was Montreal. We had dinner at a restaurant called Carlos & Pepe’s and it was incredible! You have a great selection to order from their menu with so many different types of tacos to choose from. The side dishes are great, but their rice is a must have!

Overall your whole meal is so delicious! It’s like your having a party in your mouth! Speaking of parties… While you’re eating, they have a live Mariachi Band playing in the background. The band goes from table to table and they play everyone a song and they’re so talented!

It’s so much fun being at Carlos and Pepe’s! You actually feel like you’re in Mexico, but it’s a lot cheaper. The restaurant looks very rustic and they have really cool decor pieces! It’s a great family restaurant and it’s a great location to visit on any day of the week. It’s in downtown Montreal and it’s a such a good place to eat after a long day of shopping and site seeing. Oh and the drinks… My mom and I ordered Pina Colada’s and the glasses were almost the same size as my head!

Image 8

I was so full by the time I had finished eating, but it was so worth it! The prices are very reasonable and it’s a great place to go on a date too.

I will definitely be going back to Carlos and Pepe’s the first chance I get!

– SR

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